Italian Quality Yacht
Survey Service
Thanks to our long experience in the yachting sector, both commercial and private, combined with the different and complementary skills within the survey team, we are able to offer important support to obtain the safety and tranquility necessary for the owner or client in regard its new construction, its purchase or sale or at any stage of the life of a yacht in which professional intervention is necessary (for example to carry out tests and sea trials).

During the construction we carry out a meticulous and constant monitoring of both the quality and the compliance with the contractual specifications at each stage, interacting professionally with all the actors involved in the project (shipyard, contractors, classification bodies, flag body, etc.).
Our group is not limited to pure surveillance and reporting but can be an active part in the determination of details, functional or only aesthetic, aimed at improving the yacht.
The investigative and survey part also plays a fundamental role in the Team's activities, which can have technologically advanced equipment, all equipped with certification and calibration.
Reporting with a simple interface and drawn up in two languages (Eng.-Italian or other.)Completes all the activities carried out, returning to the client's hands documents that can be also used in legal disputes. Here are some of the activities that can be explained by the team:
  • Pre-purchase / sale inspection and estimate reports.
  • Sea trials and on-board systems functional tests.
  • Inspections to verify structural and esthetic / painting finishes for: hull, superstructures, appendages.
  • Inspections of machinery also and follow-up of damages and guarantees.
  • Surveillance and control of all construction and refit phases.
  • Checks and verification of vibrations, noise and insulation, emissions during the operation of the unit.
  • Inspections with thermal camera (structures, infiltrations, on-board systems).
  • Inspections with ROV (Remote Operated Veichle).
Italian Quality Yacht
Fabio Bettoni
Fabio Bettoni has been always working for the nautical sector, offering to his Clients a 30 years know how.
A professional challange which began in 1990 with an own shipyard for the installation of furniture and equipments for prestigious brands and subsequently under its own brand “Cantieri COMISA” (1994-1998). Particularly significant was the experience as Plant Director in Riva (1998-2000) and Uniesse Marine (2005-2009) and as Manufacturing Director in Wally Tunisia (2002-2003).
La IQY was founded in 2008 and she is a beloved daughter of the patron Fabio, in whom she sees an indispensable tool to broaden the contours of her business
Italian Quality Yacht
Angelo Esposito
Naval architect and marine engineer. He is registered in the Engineers Register and in the shipbuilders register of Port Authority of Castellamare di Stabia.
An expert registered in the list of Pisa Chamber of Commerce , who has always been in love with everything that sails on the sea, makes work in the naval sector a natural attitude. He is also at ease in the industrial sector, where he held the role of security manager in high-risk companies as well as maintenance manager of port areas. Currently within IQY, he manages the technical area by bringing his know-how in the rule of classification body, design, inspection and management.
Italian Quality Yacht
Kalin Gemignani
Kalin Gemignani graduated in Architecture in Florence, is a member of the Order of Architects of the Province of Lucca.
After several years of experience as a manager within a well-known company in the province, which operates in the field of luxury design, in 2018 he opened his studio in Lucca, dealing with architectural and naval design, product and interior design applied to civil works and boats.
In 2019 he exhibited some of the projects carried out at the Salone del Mobile in the section dedicated to young emerging architects and designers U35.
It is the ideal resource for IQY to involve in all missions that require experience and knowledge of interior and external design.